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So, how does Khairpep™ reverse damage and strengthen hair?

It’s all about proteins and peptides. Hair is made primarily of a protein called keratin: what are called ‘keratin associated proteins’ play a crucial role in maintaining a strong hair shaft, by forming a cross-linked network with ‘keratin intermediate filaments’. Khairpep’s patented K18Peptide™ is able to penetrate the hair cortex and interact with the internal disulfide bonds – reversing damage and progressively returning the hair to its healthiest state, restoring its natural, youthful strength and elasticity.

The K18Peptide™ was developed by noted biotechnologist Professor Artur D Cavaco-Paulo and a team of European researchers, after they discovered a protein fragment called Surfactant Protein D during their research into lung proteins. Surfactant Protein D has a unique ability to diffuse through fats and bind with other proteins – including keratin.

Inspired, Professor Artur and his team mapped the entire active keratin genome expression of hair to identify active peptides with biological efficacy that could bind well with keratin associated proteins. After several years of further research, the K18Peptide™ was developed – the longest chain peptide that can penetrate the hair and carry the necessary amino acids right into the heart of the hair to reconnect the broken keratin chains.

The result – long, beautiful, healthy and youthful hair.


The Science

K18Peptide™ is a oligo peptide formulated to shuttle amino acids (the building blocks of hair) into the inner structure of the hair. Once inside the hair, the unique amino-acid chain bonds with the hair keratin protein to reverse damage by reconnecting the broken disulfide bonds, bringing strength and elasticity to near virgin state and restoring hair’s health, shine and manageability.

Clinically proven to penetrate and repair damaged hair

Using fluorescence microscopy, independent researchers showed that K18Peptide™ penetrates into the hair cortex, bonds with hair proteins – and remains even after daily shampooing.


Images show K18Peptite™ in the structure of the hair

On unbleached hair treated with K18Peptide™.
On bleached hair treated with K18Peptide™.

Clinically proven to add strength


Repairs bleached hair

When hair that had been bleached 8 times was treated with K18Peptide™, the hair strength increased by up to 85%.

Repairs relaxed and straightened hair

Virgin hair was relaxed with a strong alkaline/guanidine solution to produce intense straightening conditions, then treated with K18Peptide™. The result was an over 90% recovery of hair strength.

Clinically proven to improve hair elasticity

Improves elasticity

Independent clinical tests verified an up to 120% improvement in elasticity.

Results improve with repeated treatments

Repeated applications saw up to an additional 41% increase in hair strength.